Zynga launches strategy game Dojo Mojo on Facebook

Zynga has released its newest game on Facebook: Dojo Mojo, the company’s second action strategy game, following Empires & Allies. Dojo Mojo challenges players with recovering lost treasures from the Evil Shogun’s minions.

Dojo Mojo features both single-player and multiplayer combat modes. In the single player campaign, players take part in individual levels, earning up to three mastery stars in each. Players create troops outside of battle in dojos, with different troops requiring different amounts of resources and time to produce. Food also plays a large part in Dojo Mojo, as players must keep a supply of sushi on hand to feed training warriors.

Each battle in Dojo Mojo allows players to choose their troops and place them on the battlefield. Troops attack automatically over time until all enemies, or all troops are defeated. The game’s multiplayer mode requires coins to activate, and features timed battles that reward varying amounts of loot over time, dependent on how many enemy buildings are destroyed before losing all troops.

Dojo Mojo is designed to run at 60 frames per second, allowing for hundreds of troops to animate on screen at the same time. The game is now in open beta on Facebook, and is available to play in 13 languages worldwide.

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