Zynga launches New Scramble with Friends on iOS

Image via Zynga

Zynga has launched a new version of Scramble with Friends on iOS, appropriately titled “New Scramble with Friends.” The app replaces the original game on the App Store, but keeps players’ accounts and stats from their previous time with the game.

New Scramble with Friends retains the round-based gameplay that asks players to create words using randomized letters (like in Boggle), but throws in daily challenges for additional gameplay.

New Scramble with Friends allows users to challenge friends or strangers to a three-round game, with each timed round presenting a new randomized letter board, and asking players to create as many words as possible. Letters must touch in some fashion, including diagonally, and the same tile can’t be used more than once in the same word. Points are earned depending on the letters used, with “unique” letters like V or Y offering more points than E or A, as examples.

The new daily challenges feature gives players another way to be competitive, even if they aren’t playing against other real-world players. They may ask players to create as many three-letter words as possible, find the names of fruit buried in the puzzle, or simply make as many words as possible with a flat scoring scheme, as examples. These puzzle boards are static and can be replayed to increase high scores.

The player stats feature also offers a more detailed look at how each player stacks up against the competition. Players can see which of their friends has created the most words in a single minute, has created a word with the highest score and more. The game also keeps track of total win record and win streak.

New Scramble with Friends is now available to download for free in an ad-supported version on iOS. An ad-free version has yet to be released. You can track the app’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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