Zynga Launches New Facebook Game: Hidden Shadows

Zynga has launched Hidden Shadows on Facebook. The game is Zynga’s second hidden object game after the launch of Hidden Chronicles in 2012.

Developed by Zynga India, Hidden Shadows challenges players with finding hidden objects at crime scenes, collecting evidence and taking it back to the lab for examination. The player character possesses a special ability: the power to interact with the spirits of the dead to learn clues and find key items that an ordinary human might miss.

In between hidden object scenes, Hidden Shadows offers light mini-games, as players are tasked with finding pieces of evidence or other secrets scattered among unimportant items.

Within each case, players interact with other detectives, police officers and lab technicians to eventually solve cases and unlock new mysteries. While Hidden Shadows is free to play, the game is supported via in-app microtransactions. Players can purchase additional energy, hints and premium currency used to speed up lab tests.

Hidden Shadows greatly resembles Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case, the #2 most popular Facebook game, according to our app tracking service AppData. It has over 34 million monthly active users. Zynga’s most popular game, FarmVille 2, has fallen to the third spot with 31 million players.