Zynga launches 1 Word, company’s first game on Kik’s mobile messaging platform

Zynga has confirmed the launch of its newest game, 1 Word, on mobile social messaging app Kik. The Kik platform passed more than 50 million users earlier this year, and features a variety of applications (called Kik Cards) and in-house developed games. However, Zynga’s picture-based social game is the first game on the Kik messenger platform from a third party games developer.

Zynga is known for stating that it always wants to reach players wherever and whenever they want to play, and the launch of 1 Word on Kik is a reflection of that goal.

1 Word is similar to Lotum’s “4 Pics 1 Word” (our review), in that it contains sets of images and then asks players to find the word that connects them all.

Blank letter tiles represent the key word, and players must spell the correct word using only the letter tiles in the available letter bank at the bottom of the screen. However, where 1 Word differs from “4 Pics 1 Word” is in its multiplayer component.

Instead of a single-player experience, 1 Word allows players to guess a word and then wait for their friends to do the same, guessing the exact same word from the same set of pictures. If both players are successful, they receive coins and stars marking their current winning streak.

Coins are also available for purchase with real money, and they’re used back in the game to remove tiles in bulk from the letter bank or instantly reveal a letter in the final word. Players can also purchase the VIP upgrade to remove ads for $1.99.

1 Word is now available to play for free on the Kik messenger app, which is also available to download for free on iOS, Android, and more. Once users have accessed the Kik app, they can find 1 Word by opening the app menu and tapping on “More.” 1 Word is currently the top featured Kik Card in the app.

[H/T PandoDaily]