Zynga To File For IPO By End Of June

Social gaming leader Zynga may register as early as this week to sell stock to the public, doubtlessly inspired by the success of LinkedIn's recent IPO.

Given the success of the LinkedIn initial public offering, it appears that social gaming leade, Zynga, is looking to IPO as soon as possible with a filing taking place as early as this week.

As Facebook moves closer to an IPO, which is expected to be some time next year, all the social media related startups are jumping at the opportunity to cash in on the market’s hunger for this space.

Kara Swisher reports that Zynga’s filing will come next week at the latest. While the company’s last valuation was around $10 billion, there’s no doubt that this valuation could skyrocket once it hits the public markets.

Zynga will have a much higher income reported in the company’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission than LinkedIn, which also has a market capitalization of around $10 billion now.

The social gaming company has close to 250 million monthly active users with its largest game, CityVille, attracting over 90 million monthly users each month.

We’ll be sure to cover the news as we learn more about the high buzzed offering.