Zynga, Food, Music and Politics on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Beyond the regular mix of celebrities and social games this week, our list of the 20 Facebook Pages that gained the most new fans includes supporters and opponents of the newly-passed US health care bill.

The data is drawn from our independent PageData tool, which tracks fan page growth over time.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Texas Hold’em Poker 15,438,993 +700,974 +4.76
2. Mafia Wars 10,934,347 +337,842 +3.19
3. Being Conservative 465,737 +236,370 +103.05
4. adidas Originals 2,665,607 +197,018 +7.98
5. EA SPORTS 168,880 +158,753 +1,567.62
6. Mozilla Firefox 1,160,859 +138,803 +13.58
7. Justin Bieber 2,439,641 +138,718 +6.03
8. Converse 2,468,788 +132,863 +5.69
9. The Artifice 3,310,761 +120,578 +3.78
10. Lady Gaga 5,935,431 +110,310 +1.89
11. Facebook 7,870,233 +99,434 +1.28
12. Starbucks 6,421,502 +90,121 +1.42
13. Facebook Site Governance 897,579 +79,676 +9.74
14. YouTube 4,586,512 +73,879 +1.64
15. Türk Bayrağı 3,344,660 +71,364 +2.18
16. Barack Obama 7,947,639 +62,102 +0.79
17. Rita’s Italian Ice 197,268 +58,513 +42.17
18. McDonald’s 1,967,866 +57,792 +3.03
19. The Twilight Saga 5,378,973 +56,428 +1.06
20. Megan Fox 6,337,588 +54,386 +0.87

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker with 15.4 million fans was first on the list and Mafia Wars was second with just under 11 million, the two have been making almost predictable appearances here for most of this year. We noticed last week that Poker Blitz, another Zynga game, was being advertised on Texas Hold’em Poker’s Page, and this week its Page was touting other promotions; it’s interesting that, although these two games are definitely on top right now, Zynga is making sure to keep promoting them both with contests (a trip for two to the Bahamas), giveaways (win $25 million in chips) and new additions to their games (Mafia Wars game cards and the return of robbing).

Third place is a limited liability company (LLC) called Being Conservative, based in South Carolina, with little other information available about it other than “We are a group of conservatives dedicated to decreasing the size and scope of government…we oppose unfair and confiscatory tax policies.” This Page grew by 236,370 fans in the past week (it only has 465,700 fans total) with one big jump the day President Barack Obama signed the domestic health reform bill. Status updates on the Page indicate that the primary goal is to repeal this health care bill and the landing Page is anti-Obama (literally with the red circle and slash in it) and asks visitors to “Repeal Obama-Care.”

It’s not surprising that, resulting from such a large change in U.S. domestic policy there would be a backlash, but given about one-third of its fans joined in a single day, whether such growth is sustainable to next week is another matter, unless they’re advertising. This group is also selling the “Reagan for President” t-shirts that we’ve separately seen featured on Facebook ads.

On the other end of the spectrum, President Obama’s Facebook Page grew by 62,100 fans to almost 8 million, 29,000 of whom joined the day he signed the bill. YouTube’s Page took number 14 this week with almost 74,000 new fans, people viewing videos related to health care reform (part of many campaigns pro and con) might have contributed to its growth, since the Page shows no other reason except maybe South by Southwest videos.

The Page for Adidas Originals was fourth, adding 197,000 fans, most of who (173,500) joined within two days, apparently a Page consolidation. Fifth was EA Sports, which also had a Page with flat growth until three days added 158,400 fans, the vast majority of this Page’s growth last week.

Mozilla Firefox’s effort to get fans involved with spreading the word about its products seems to be working; the Page was on our list at sixth this week, adding 138,800 fans. At seventh was teen musician Justin Bieber, who is appearing on American TV shows and whose album was released last week; he added 138,700 fans to his new total of 2.4 million. Converse shoe company was on the list again this week at number 8, The Artifice showed steady growth to 3.3 million fans and Lady Gaga turned 24 this week while on her world tour and added 110,300 fans to take number 10.

Facebook had two Pages on the list: Facebook at number 11 and Facebook Site Governance at 13. Facebook has almost 8 million fans and showed steady growth while the Site Governance Page grew dramatically over the weekend to the tune of 71,000 fans, probably because of the first status update since December (remember the big privacy changes?). Last Thursday, Page administrators announced proposed changes to the privacy policy and statement of rights and responsibilities, which we wrote about.

Food was also on the list this week: Starbucks at number 12, Rita’s Italian Ice at 17 and McDonald’s eighteenth. Starbucks added 90,100 fans to grow to 6.4 million steadily over the past week. Rita’s is running a free ice cream for a year promotion that started March 20 through April 4 and grew by 58,500 (it only has 197,200 so that’s a big chunk). Finally, McDonald’s Facebook Page grew by almost 58,000 and has just under 2 million fans, but we couldn’t tell exactly why they were growing.

A few random Pages rounded out the list.

The Turkish national flag (Türk Bayrağı) Page added 71,000 fans to land at number 15; the Page has 3.3 million fans, as last on our list in February and might be growing because admins seem to have added a “share” function to the landing Page.

The Twilight Saga’s Page added 56,400 fans, maybe because of merchandise or award show promotions and Megan Fox’s Page was number 20 this week with 54,300 new fans, and as with most of her appearances here, it seems like it’s because she’s Megan Fox rather than anything else.

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