Zynga-Facebook Agreement Included Targets For Mobile User Growth

Of the many revelations that came out of Zynga’s amendment to its IPO filing yesterday, there were a few that related to the social gaming company’s mobile apps. Zynga added more documents to its filing yesterday including parts of a key five-year agreement it made with Facebook in May of last year. This was the contract that finally committed the social gaming giant to using Credits as a payment method and giving up a 30 percent revenue share to Facebook.


Ultimately, it’s hard to tell how much this agreement delivered for Zynga in terms of mobile users as the company didn’t break out monthly uniques by platform. When Zynga filed for its IPO on July 1, it said it had 148 million monthly unique users. Monthly unique users (or MUU) is a preferred term because it doesn’t double count players who use more than one game on the Facebook platform.

Zynga said that the number of daily active users for its mobile games grew by tenfold between November of last year and June, but this was probably mostly because of the Newtoy acquisition.