Zynga Expands Position As Largest Facebook Developer

While LivingSocial may hold the title for largest application on the Facebook platform, Zynga, the leading social gaming company on Facebook, continues to expand their lead daily. As of today the company is just shy of 43 million monthly active users and 100,000 short of 8 million daily active users, making it the biggest platform developer by all metrics. It appears that for a few days Facebook stopped updating their metrics last week. Once they began updating again Zynga’s metrics jumped through the roof.

What’s increasingly becoming clear is that social games are continuously battling for the top spot when it comes to daily active users. Over the past week Zynga’s second largest game, YoVille, experience a surge in traffic. Zynga also holds the title of the only company with two or more applications in the top ten Facebook applications based on daily active users. In other words: Zynga is dominating the platform.

So how is Zynga so successful? Some developers attribute the company’s success to strong political ties with Facebook executives. Others attribute the success to a rabid base of fans. The company has an internal goal of responding to all customer’s inquiries within 48 hours although the current response time is around 4 days on average. With 43 million monthly active users, responding to every inquiry despite the service being free can be extremely challenging.

Just ask Facebook what that’s like. I personally receive about 20 emails from people every day looking for help with their Facebook accounts so I can only imagine the thousands of emails that Facebook is receiving. As Zynga continues to expand their dominance, handling customer support will be something that the company needs to continue focusing on. Despite the challenges though, the company is reportedly bringing in over $100 million a year in revenue, and continues to experience phenomenal growth.

As the company also continues to expand on mobile platforms Zynga is on a roll and with social games being the leading applications on social platforms, the company is in an enviable position. The only question now is who will be able knock Zynga off their current pedestal?