Zynga celebrates Valentine’s Day with love-filled Words with Friends stats


In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Zynga has released the results of its third annual Valentine’s Day survey in Words with Friends across Facebook and mobile. The survey asked players to rate the best love-themed words they could create in the app, along with the best celebrity players. The survey also took a look at how Words with Friends has strengthened real world relationships, or even created new ones.

Out of the 11,317 responses, Kate Hudson was rated the sexiest celebrity Words with Friends player, edging out Alex Baldwin by just seven votes. Sixty percent of players say they’re in a relationship, with 83 percent taking their word skills into the real world by writing love letters.

The survey found that Words with Friends is responsible for helping strengthen relationships, with 1 in 54 respondents saying they have dated someone they met as a random opponent within the game. In addition, nearly a third of players have purposefully lost a game against a loved one or friend.

Elsewhere, words including “love,” “amour,” “adore” and “passion” are players’ favorite love-related words, while words including “throb,” “loins” and “thrust” topped the list for those that make players blush or feel awkward.

Words with Friends celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, with Apple previously rating the mobile version as one of the best free apps of all time. Throughout this year of birthday celebrations, Zynga plans to add new content to the game to keep players coming back for more.

Words with Friends is available to play for free on Facebook, as well as iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and other devices. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

WWF Valentine's Survey Infographic