Zynga brings CastleVille: Legends to Android with new features

Image via Zynga

After launching on iOS in September, Zynga has announced the release of CastleVille: Legends on Android devices. The game has been updated with new features not found in the original release, some of which bring additional social play to the experience.

CastleVille: Legends is a completely separate game from the original CastleVille on Facebook, but the general premise is the same. Players start from scratch in a Kingdom covered in a wizard’s curse, and must expand their land to rescue heroes and complete quests.

The game is heavily focused on crafting, with players building workshops, tailors, kitchens and more, each with their own crafting menus and sets of required ingredients. While players can craft items simply to sell them in the in-game stores to free up inventory space, they can also send them off to the Sea Trading system, which allows players to sell and purchase goods to / from other real-world players.

Image via Zynga

The Android release comes with additional features, like a gifting feature that allows players to send free gifts to their friends each day. This update has also come to iOS, bringing the complete CastleVille: Legends experience to both platforms.

Zynga has also detailed future content for the game, which includes an ‘Alliances’ feature, and the release of knights which can be sent to other Kingdoms to help friends.

CastleVille: Legends is now available to download for free on iOS and Android. The game is monetized via the purchase of Crowns, which are used to purchase premium items in the store, or speed up actions throughout the game. Check back soon to track CastleVille: Legends on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.