Zynga Blows Past 100 Million Users Thanks To FarmVille's Dominance

-Zynga Logo-Today Zynga, the leading gaming company on Facebook, blew past the 100 million monthly active users level through their network of games. Much of the support has come from FarmVille which is not only the company’s largest game, but also the largest application on Facebook by an extremely large margin. FarmVille should also become the largest application ever on the Facebook application within the next day or two, surpassing the “How Well Do You Know Me?” application’s previous record of 35,554,755 monthly active users.

Based on daily active users, the application is already the largest ever by a large number. With over 12 million daily active users, the company has almost doubled the previous record set by the competing farming game on Facebook: Farm Town. One thing is clear: farming is rapidly becoming big business on Facebook. There are now over 72 million farmers on Facebook across the top farming applications. Just about every game developer is getting into the farming business.

The second largest Facebook developer, Playfish, has launched Country Story to cash in on the Facebook farming phenomenon. In just two weeks, their application has quadrupled in size from 1.4 million monthly active users to well over 4 million. There are now 9 farming applications among the top 109 Facebook applications as tracked by our Facebook application statistics tracker. That’s over 72 million farmers on Facebook based on monthly active users.

Just two weeks ago I suggested that the company could soon see 100 million users and it appears that the projection was right. The only question now is how large can FarmVille get? The game continues to grow by leaps and bounds resulting in 25 percent overall growth in Zynga’s monthly traffic just in the past two weeks. If you had any question how large social gaming could get, look no further than the current Facebook farming phenomenon.