Zynga and Playfish Battle for Biggest Facebook Game

The Facebook gaming leaderboards have experienced quite a number of changes in the last month! Over half of the games and applications have lost rather significant numbers, but at the same time, such losses have given a number of new titles a chance to make their appearance in the Top 25.

Zynga and Playfish’s battle for the #1 spot continues between Texas HoldEm Poker and Pet Society, with the latter closing the gap with a gain of 1,348,759 to Zynga’s 1,054,775. However, that same growth did not hold true for spots 4 – 6 with Bumper Sticker, Pass A Drink, and Lil Green Patch losing about a million active users each.

Playfish title Geo Challenge kept it’s #8 spot with 3.97 million active users this past month with Word Challenge coming in behind, but surprisingly enough the other Playfish titles were ousted by MindJolt Games who jumped all the way from #17 to #10.

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