Zynga and Atari unveil Super Bunny Breakout for mobile devices

Zynga and Atari today revealed Super Bunny Breakout as the latest game in Zynga’s mobile publishing partnership program. We recently got to spend some time with an iOS build of the title.

Super Bunny Breakout is the latest installment in Atari’s iconic Breakout franchise which began in the 1970s, inspiring countless spin-offs and sequels and even continuing on to iOS with Breakout: Boost. The game was developed by Curious Brain and features an original story and realistic physics with objects made from different materials.

Super Bunny Breakout follows the story of Rodney, a rabbit who manages to escape his cage at an animal testing facility and begins liberating his fellow test subjects from their own prisons. The trapped animals move across the screen on a conveyor belt, surrounded by lab items and obstacles that can be destroyed for extra points and rewards like the game’s currency. The storyline is told via comic book custcenes filled with some seriously dark humor (like an amputee teddy bear who threatens to shank his rescuers).

Players will begin the game with only Rodney to fire out of their cannon, but there are a total of five other animals they’ll be able to unlock and use as play progresses. Each of these animals has varying levels of health (depleted gradually by colliding with objects or substantially losses being suffered when the player lets the ball fall off the screen) and unique “power shots” that can be triggered for extra effectiveness.

The characters’ health is a key part of the game’s monetization plan. Eventually, players will need to recharge their animals’ health; this can be done via consumable items from the game store or by leaving the characters alone for a certain amount of time while the health regenerates on its own. The latter option takes roughly one to two hours to recharge a full health bar, depending on the animal. Likewise, there are also decorative accessories for Rodney’s tree house base and costume items that can be purchased from the store.

At the time of launch, Super Bunny Breakout will feature a total of 48 levels across 3 different lab environments. Each lab environment will contain one level designed as a minigame; we saw an example of this involving shuffleboard mechanics, but we’re told each of these levels will be unique from one another. Atari is planning to release new content on a regular basis in the future. We’re told the game will use Apple’s Game Center for leaderboards and achievements, and will also feature the ability to share milestone achievements via Facebook and Twitter. The latter features weren’t available to test out in the build we got to see.

Our AppData traffic-tracking service shows Breakout: Boost isn’t currently featured in any of the iTunes App Store leaderboards, so it’s not surprising that Atari would want to join up with Zynga in order to gain access to the company’s user base instead. David Ko told us back in June about how the company has 22.8 million daily active users playing its mobile games, which is a huge audience that can be accessed for a portion of a game’s revenue instead of paying the ever-increasing user acquisition costs in the mobile market.