Zynga's Adventure World Grows Fastest On Facebook

Zynga's Adventure World and CityVille dominate this week's ranking of the fastest-growing applications on Facebook.

While Zynga just announced plans to diversify its game delivery, Facebook remains the bastion of the developer’s current growth; the games Adventure World and CityVille dominate this week’s ranking of the fastest-growing applications on the social network.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. Adventure World3,117,88337,578,4407,851,834
2. CityVille13,529,83576,142,8134,781,940
3. MyCalendar – Birthdays1,325,52720,586,6553,406,266
4. The Guardian338,8991,894,0681,165,540
5. fbpotterapps.com6,8761,353,1601,164,007
6. The Sims Social9,251,83466,216,4621,044,835
7. Banner de perfil en espagnol418,3781,475,9241,035,276
8. Spotify1,696,4266,646,361879,043
9. Bubble Witch Saga934,8502,833,020785,995
10. TopFace342,08611,278,097708,663
11. Airport City268,9612,107,091675,056
12. 21 Perguntas325,9014,058,663581,177
13. Profile Report Card15,3121,478,181551,903
14. Coco Girl318,4661,761,426467,099
15. MiCalendario176,0303,144,478454,366
16. Static HTML: iframe tabs2,979,68560,378,642382,457
17. BandRx194,9564,200,478361,625
18. My Report Card65,9981,244,038328,982
19. PM Custom Welcome Tab276,3585,844,384323,489
20. Tetris Battle1,673,7016,253,643307,363


Leading us off for another seven days, a 7,851,834 increase makes Adventure World the frontrunner once again. With a prolific comeback, CityVille is found just steps away witnessing 4,781,940 adds.

Electronic Arts is losing traction with The Sims Social; 1,044,835 new players this week puts the game in sixth place, down from second last week.

King.com’s Bubble Witch Saga maintains its standing in ninth by picking up a 785,995 growth total.

Coming in 11th place, Airport City — by developer 6 wave — sees 675,056 people designing their own airports.

Another newer option is Metrogame’s Coco Girl, with 467,099 new gamers putting the application in 14th place, up three spots.

The puzzle classic Tetris Battle is a newcomer to the mix, and an additional 307,363 gamers secures the final position as a fastest growing app.


This week we see a return of the calendaring trend. Moving forward to third, MyCalendar – Birthdays advances by aiding in organizing 3,406,266 social calendars.

The Spanish alternative – MiCalendario – makes the cut in 15th by amassing a weekly growth total of 454,366.


Ending by synching 1,165,540 accounts, The Guardian has a tremendous week by skipping ahead 14 steps to fourth.

Spotify moved down one notch compared to last week, landing in the eighth position after acquiring 879,043 more music lovers.


The question-and-answer trend is in the spotlight this week with Facebook’s acquisition of friend.ly, and two applications that rank among the fastest growing are Banner de perfil en espagnol and 21 Preguntas. The former appears accomplishing a noteworthy 1,035,276 comeback total that places it in the seventh spot, and the latter is five places behind, w

ith 581,177 curious Facebook friends.

TopFace loses its footing quickly by only acquiring 708,663 new users – a tenth place week.

Losing three positions, 551,903 new people head towards Profile Report Card and leave it back in 13th. Following a similar pattern, My Report Card‘s 328,982 growth increase gives it a depleting 18th place end.

Page Creation

Slouching behind, Static HTML: iframe tabs‘ 382,457 total puts the tool in 16th place.

A first-time placer, BandRx aids in uploading songs and content for musicians. The application is working towards improving the profiles of 361,625 future rockstars.

Though it places in the back end, it is actually a solid progression for PM Custom Welcome Tab. The tool comes in 18th with a tabs built and view total of 323,489.

Readers, did you find yourself testing out any of this week’s fastest growing applications? Let us know in the comments section, and if you want to see more numerically-driven data, be sure to check out the statistic tool used to create this post.