Zynga Acquires Area/Code, Co-Creator Of CSI: Crime City

The acquisition of Area/Code further concentrate's Zynga's popularity as the number one maker of social games.

With three out of every ten people on the Internet expected to be playing social games by 2012, the wind’s hitting Zynga’s sails as it acquires Area/Code, co-creator of CSI: Crime City.

Assuming eMarketer‘s correct in estimating 30 percent growth of social games over the next two years, the acquisition of Area/Code further concentrate’s Zynga’s popularity among gamers. The developer’s titles currently have 282,972,532 monthly users, ranking number one in our own application statistics. And that’s without including the new buy.

The acquisition strengthens the company’s presence on the east coast. Area/Code becomes Zynga New York, and the acquired company’s Demetri Detsaridis and Frank Lantz become General Manager and Creative Director respectively for the new office in the Big Apple.

As for increasing the total number of games in Zynga’s portfolio, Area/Code Ideveloped Parking Wars and Drop7 for the iPhone, in addition to the aforementioned CSI: Crime City (which was actually codeveloped with partner Ubisoft).

And if rumors are true about the social game company eyeing an initial public offering, possibly led by Goldman Sachs, expansion certainly appeals to investors. This the ninth acquisition in eight months, and the others were:

  • XPD in Beijing
  • Challenge Games in Austin
  • Unoh Games in Tokyo
  • Conduit Labs in Boston
  • Dextrose AG in Frankfurt
  • Bonfire Studios in Dallas
  • Newtoy Inc. in McKinney, Texas
  • Flock in Menlo Park

The gamers at our sister blog, Social Times, applaud Zynga’s shopping acumen. What do you think about the deal?