Zynga Gains 12 Million Users In Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I wrote about Zynga surpassing 60 million monthly active users on Facebook. As of today the company now has over 72 million monthly active users and has the top application on the platform based on daily active users. FarmVille, an application which duplicates many of the features of the second most popular application, Farm Town, has now surpassed 5.3 million daily active users. Growth doesn’t appear to be slowing which isn’t surprising since the company has invested over $1 million in promotion alone.

With almost 50 percent growth in under a month, one has to wonder if Zynga’s revenues have jumped proportionally. If so, that would mean the company is bringing in around $150 million a year, an impressive feat considering Facebook is projected to bring in around $550 million this year. Texas Hold’em Poker is supposedly the company’s bread and butter but with the dominance of FarmVille, perhaps an army of farmers will prove more valuable than an army of poker players.

Social gaming has rapidly become the big winner on social platforms and while there are other community focused applications, games are out shining other applications by a large margin. For those that argued Facebook would be used for enterprise, it’s pretty clear that isn’t happening. Facebook has become a massive entertainment platform, and while users are sharing information outside of their gaming activities, Facebook has become the leading platform in the social gaming wars.

With continued growth, one has to wonder if social gaming is going to outshine the more flashy games which attract the more hardcore gamers.

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