Zuum updates Facebook strategy tool to provide more insight on page content, competitor performance

Facebook strategy software company Zuum today releases a new dashboard interface designed to give marketers an understanding of metrics and trends on a number of Facebook pages at once, regardless of whether they have admin rights to the pages.

With Zuum’s subscription service, companies can monitor between five and 10 pages to follow the competition or see how other industries are using Facebook. Zuum collects and organizes all the pages’ publicly available data, such as People Talking About This, the number of posts per day and engagement per post. Zuum then creates leaderboards, word clouds and and other views of what’s being shared on a page and how it’s performing.

The updated dashboard section of the tool is more visual than the text- and data-heavy dashboard Zuum had previously. The dashboard now includes the following features:

  • Leaderboard – A breakdown of how various pages perform across industry benchmarks, including People Talking About This, fan growth rate, engagement rate and community involvement.
  • Brand Voice – Subject analysis, media type analysis, People Talking About This and a keyword cloud of the most engaging terms for all brands in the report.
  • Most Engaging Posts – A list of the most engaging posts for client page as well as competitor pages.
  • Community Health – Includes the most common subjects posted about for both client brand and their competitors, images of the most popular fan posts for all pages and a list of the most engaging fan posts.

Zuum emails a daily, weekly or monthly PDF of the dashboard to subscribers and anyone they work with. Company co-founder and social content strategist Doug Schumacher says some subscribers have been sending the PDF to their whole team or printing it out for brainstorming sessions.

Zuum is commonly used to track competitors but businesses can also monitor pages in order to see what works in different industries and get inspiration. The tool could be useful for marketers working on regular campaigns or preparing for pitches. Zuum offers some historical data going back to January 2010.

As marketers begin to focus more on content and engagement than building large fan bases, features like Zuum provides are increasingly valuable. Unmetric Inc., which offers a similar tool with the objective of letting brands benchmark their success against competitors, raised $3 million in Series A funding from Nexus Venture Partners earlier this month. As it happens, Inside Network has its own PageData service that we use for tracking growth and engagement across pages. With Facebook making more insights and demographic data public, these tools can aggregate information in ways that would be very time-consuming and less meaningful if viewed individually on the social network.