Social Shopping App Zurf Launches on iOS, Android

The Zurf app and Web browser allow users to attach notes to websites and send them to friends.

Zurf, a social Web browsing and shopping app, officially launched out of private beta on iOS and Android devices. The app looks to truly socialize each user’s Internet (and Internet shopping) experience by eliminating the need to send links to product pages through multiple apps or platforms (text, email, etc.) just to ask for a friend’s opinion. Instead, users can attach zNotes to any image or piece of text on any site, and chat about them with others.

Zurf offers an included Web browser, so users can search for and browse content as they normally would. When they find something interesting — whether related to shopping, travel or otherwise — they can attach a zNote to the item and send the note to friends. Invited friends tap on the note to launch the website within Zurf, where the zNote’s chat thread appears as an overlay to the actual page. Here, users can post a like or dislike on the content, as well as comments.

Users can also send zNotes to users who haven’t downloaded Zurf. This sends the non-user a text message and a link to load the zNote and its associated site in a regular browser, while also inviting them to try the app themselves.

When creating a zNote, users are encouraged to add the item to a category for easier browsing later on. As users accumulate multiple zNotes, they can browse their history based on these categories, as well as by website or the names of invited participants.

As users engage with the app, they earn Zurf Points and badges. In the future, Zurf has plans to turn these points into a reward system offering users discounts on their favorite sites.

Zurf is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.