ZumoDrive Beats Google at Providing Cloud Storage for Android: But, Its Storage Fees are Steep

There’s a lot of apps and web services to try. Anyone interested in using technology (mobile or not) has to decide on a regular basis which products will get your valuable time and attention to try out. I remember not trying Evernote after it made its transition from a Windows app to a cloud service product. After I finally got around to trying it months later, I was wowwed and have remained a devoted user since.

I sometimes wonder about opprotunities I completed ignored because of my lack of initial interest or bandwidth to test things at a given time. ZumoDrive might be one of those products. ZumoDrive is a freemium service that provides 1GB of cloud storage for free but then becomes relatively expensive for larger storage amounts. For example, its 200GB storage fee is $37.99 per month. Compare this to Google’s $50 per year charge for the same storage capacity.

On the other hand, Google, ironically, does not have a good cloud storage story regarding its own Android mobile platform. ZumoDrive does have a story for Android:

ZumoDrive Brings Cloud Storage And Syncing Application To Android And Palm Devices (TechCrunch)

I’ll probably take a look at this service soon. But, I can’t imagine choosing to pay $37.99 or even $9.99 per momth for 200 or 50GB of cloud storage, respectively.