Zucker’s Letter To NBC Universal Staffers

With the news of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski giving the nod to Comcast acquiring NBC Universal breaking today, we thought we’d give outgoing NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker one last shout out. The Hollywood Reporter obtained Zucker’s letter to NBC Universal staffers, and surprisingly he doesn’t say anything like “Hey, my bad about that whole Leno and Conan thing which completely ruined our company, but have a good holiday! Well, those of you that will still have a job after Comcast takes over.”

Check out what he does say after the jump.

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to extend to you, and your loved ones, the happiest of holidays and wish you each a very Happy New Year.

This has been a fantastic year for our company, on both creative and business levels.

Whether you think about the unbelievably successful Vancouver Olympics … the worldwide sensation of the despicably adorable Minions … Butterbeer and Chocolate Frogs flying off the shelves at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter … and so much more … 2010 was a year to remember for NBC Universal. And that is a complete tribute to each of you, whose hard work and dedication has made it all possible. Like the entire media industry, we are not without our challenges, but we are as well situated for them as anyone. Thanks to you.

As you know, we are still awaiting government approval of the new joint venture between Comcast and GE, which will mark a whole new era for NBC Universal. We have made substantial progress this month with both the FCC and the Department of Justice, and expect that we will get a ‘green light’ in January. The official close of the transaction would happen shortly after government approval. Until then, of course, business continues as normal. And we will give you frequent updates once the new year begins.

Meanwhile, I do hope that each of you will find some time in these next few weeks to be with family and loved ones, and to remember how fortunate we are.

I send you my best wishes, wherever you are, for a wonderful holiday and very Happy New Year.