Zuckerberg Uses TweetDeck Because He Knows It Will Integrate With Facebook Soon

If you’ve been following Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter feed over the past few days you probably noticed that he was updating his status from TweetDeck. So why on earth would Mark Zuckerberg use a tool which relies on a competing platform (Twitter)? If you don’t think it’s a big deal, imagine if Mark Zuckerberg decided to set up a MySpace page to start promoting himself in order to reach a different audience. Do you think he would do that? I doubt it.

Instead, I would postulate that Mark Zuckerberg is testing out tools to consider how they will interact with Facebook and Facebook Connect in the near future. Right now developers don’t have access to feeds but in due time developers will most definitely have access if Mark Zuckerberg is serious about the trend toward opening.

Right now celebrities and the media can’t stop chattering (or tweeting) about the power of Twitter but I’d guess that Facebook will take steps to “out open” Twitter if they don’t successfully acquire the company within months. Yes, this is all speculation but it’s based on a trend that Facebook appears to pushing forward at an amazingly quick pace.

In the next few weeks Facebook will most likely make additional announcements about the continuing trend toward openness which includes this week’s launch of the new homepage and the updates Pages product. The company has kicked into high gear and by the end of the year, I’d bet Facebook will be the most open social platform on the internet, just as David Recordon mentioned last week.

So what does this mean for enterprising entrepreneurs? If you’re going to take advantage of this new trend, you should be betting heavily on a completely open Facebook and that means look to new applications that take advantage of completely open status updates, just like Twitter. Facebook will soon enough update the API for Pages and my guess is that will include access to status updates from pages.

Why on earth would Britney Spears focus her conversation strictly to 320,000 Twitter users when she can have the same conversation with 3 times as many fans on Facebook (and probably more after the new homepage goes live)? This is just one example but the bottom line is that with the new upgrades coming to Pages and the new homepage, Facebook is moving closer to becoming a completely open platform.

You may want to position yourself so that you are taking advantage of this new shift.

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