Zuckerberg Tweeting About the Future of Facebook @finkd

Facebook and Twitter may have held unsuccessful acquisition talks a few months ago, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from using Twitter himself.

While Zuckerberg has had a private Twitter account for a while (@zuck), he recently created another account (@finkd) and been sharing updates there more regularly. Just this morning, Zuckerberg tweeted that he is “looking forward to when people can have unlimited connections on Facebook soon!”

Facebook’s Director of Communications Brandee Barker confirmed that @finkd is the real Mark Zuckerberg via Twitter too.

Does that mean that things are getting heated again between the two companies? That may be jumping to conclusions, but it is notable that Facebook execs are becoming increasingly comfortable sharing information publicly on Twitter. The new home page with “live stream” that Facebook announced last week will feel a lot more like Twitter, and will also contain friend list based filtering tools like those found in Twitter tools like TweetDeck.

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