Mark Zuckerberg To Guest Star on The Simpsons

Mark Zuckerberg could be heading to the small screen this fall sporting a yellow tan – it seems the Facebook founder is joining a long list of celebrities who have guest-starred on The Simpsons.

The entrepreneur has already voiced his part for an episode in the upcoming season of the hit Fox show, according to a post on the Vulture blog of New York magazine. The 22nd season of the cartoon starts September 26 and the Zuckerberg episode is slated for some time in October.

The word is that the episode, dubbed “Loan-A Lisa”, will show Zuckerberg meeting Lisa Simpson at an entrepreneur’s conference where he will remind her how many famous billionaires have dropped out of school. The story reportedly has Lisa deciding to help fund Nelson’s new bike company. The rest of the plot is a secret, but Vulture speculates that Zuckerberg steals their idea for the bike company and ends up making another billion dollars.

Zuckerberg joins a long list of celebrities who have starred as themselves in previous episodes of The Simpsons, including all three living Beatles plus Paul McCartney’s late wife Linda. Other celebrity guest starts include Magic Johnson, Johnny Carson, Hugh Hefner, Brooke Shields, Luke Perry, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Britney Spears, Buzz Aldrin, Elizabeth Taylor, Ellen Degeneres, J.K.Rowling, the Olsen twins and Venus and Serena Williams.

Mark Zuckerberg in yellow

Photo credit: “Mark Zuckerberg Facebook SXSWi 2008 Keynote” by deneyterrio on Flickr. Original photo licensed for commercial use under Creative Commons. This version tinted yellow by