Zuckerberg: News Articles Must Load Faster

The Zuck says 10 seconds is too long.

In a Facebook question and answer session, Mark Zuckerberg addressed the future of news reporting. In short, he said everything must be faster.

The Facebook boss said that overall, consumers feel that reading news articles is too slow. “If you’re using our mobile app and you tap on a photo, it typically loads immediately,” wrote Zuckerberg. “But if you tap on a news link, since that content isn’t stored on Facebook and you have to download it from elsewhere, it can take 10 plus seconds to load. People don’t want to wait that long, so a lot of people abandon news before it has loaded or just don’t even bother tapping on things in the first place, even if they wanted to read them.”

This seems insane. People can’t wait 10 seconds? We want to go all old man here and bitch—or at least point out that the signals have to go to space so we should all have some damn patience—but Zuckerberg is likely right. He does seem like a smart guy.

It’s quite convenient that Facebook now has Instant Articles, which seemingly solves this problem.