Zuckerberg Gets Violated

The past week has been a pretty rough one for Facebook. As I highlighted on Saturday, there was more Beacon drama as claims that Facebook was storing user purchases without individuals being logged in emerged. Aside from claims of more privacy violation by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had his own privacy violated. Both his social security number and parents home address were published in an article by 02138, a Harvard publication.

Soon after, Facebook filed a legal motion to have court documents published by 02138 removed. On Friday, Caroline McCarthy revealed that the judge denied Facebook’s request to have the documents taken down. Kara Swisher commented further on the legal hearing. It was definitely poor taste of the magazine to publish Zuckerberg’s personal information. They voluntarily removed that information from the documents once they were alerted to the presence.

As Kara Swisher pointed out, it is extremely ironic that Zuckerberg has his privacy violated around the same time that Beacon was violating Facebook users’ privacy. Some have even called for Zuckerberg to make a statement about the issue. My suggestion: don’t hold your breath. Facebook Beacon is still being adjusted as users react to the features provided by the service. This has resulted in a number of advertisers pulling the plug on Beacon including Coke and now Travelocity and Overstock. Hopefully for Facebook, this week is much less dramatic than last week!

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