What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Zoove

In our divided attention-span, interrupt driven lives, it’s sometimes tough enough to remember where we put our car keys, much less a phone number or a URL. Zoove is now rolling out a clever way to fit promotion details into our brains’ short-term buffers. Their StarStar Codes make it as easy as remembering **YourName.
A StarStar Code, serving as an 800-number, URL and/or text short code, helps facilitate mobile direct response. The double stars may be followed by almost any combination of two to 12 letters and/or numbers. Brands can use these codes on TV, print, radio and outdoor signs to increase the likelihood that consumers will recall them until they get to their phones. When delivered by social network, such as Twitter, or the web, the codes’ virality is increased by being more likely to be spread by word-of-mouth.
What happens when a user dials a StarStar Code? There are lots of choices for the brand. The most frequent applications are likely to be content delivered to the dialing phone such as a coupon, web page, video, text message or application. The code can also be forwarded to a call center or automated voice system.
Brands can use codes for communications and promotions that are static, changing or one-shot. **YourRestaruantName can be a dedicated telephone number. **NameOfPopularSinger can be Tweeted by an artist to fans who would be returned access to a song of the week. **WhateverYouWant can, well, be just that. Brands may want to use different codes based on delivery media to take advantage of the platform’s reporting functions.
Zoove’s National Mobile Dial Code Registry is the only source to obtain a lease on StarStar Codes and the registry is accessed from the company’s website. Punch one in and, if the code is not already reserved, you’ll discover one of two things. Codes are leased by the year and are not inexpensive. You also might find that the code is “available by special order only.” This occurs when the number combination spells a known brand name, you’ve entered a ten character phone number or another code that Zoove is monitoring.
The process is limited a bit because a dial pad number combination can spell a variety of words. According to Zoove, the platform’s geolocation capabilities can, in many cases, accommodate that issue for regionally-based brands. Also, users of smartphones with fixed keyboards, such as some BlackBerry models, may not be aware that they can dial their phones with the letter keys.
StarStar Codes currently work on AT&T’s network and the company advises that Verizon and other carriers are to follow soon. Zoove has been working with the carriers for several years to have them enable their switches for the service, motivated by the additional revenue the carriers will get from the messaging.
Early users include Clear Channel’s iheartradio.com – dialing **IHT returns an SMS with a link to download the application. Marci Weisler, Digital Business Director of Time Out North America, another user, said, “Through our unique StarStar Code, **TONY, Zoove gives our users a really simple way to access and download our mobile application without searching and seeking. Quick access is important if the user needs information immediately to decide where to go. StarStar Dialing is the first that allows us to secure easy to remember, branded Mobile Dial Codes.”
Several application examples, including a poll to vote for one’s favorite social media network, may be found on Zoove’s website.