Zoosk, Page Tabs, BranchOut, Phrases and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by MAU

The top dating apps, Zoosk and Badoo, continued to grow on our list of applications growing by monthly active users on the Facebook platform. Although one interesting difference between the two continues to be that Zoosk is growing in the United States and Badoo elsewhere.

Videos, Page tab apps, photos, mobile, friend quizzes, BranchOut and Phrases (not available in the US) rounded out our list. The apps on our list gained the most MAU of any apps, growing from between 493,000 and 7.3 million MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Empires & Allies48,429,267+7,372,094+18%
2. Zoosk22,046,176+4,173,125+23%
3. 60 Photos27,521,587+3,548,102+15%
4. Static HTML: iframe tabs28,892,460+1,656,313+6%
5. Badoo35,262,340+1,264,037+4%
6. VEVO for Artists11,125,311+1,226,278+12%
7. Facebook for Every Phone2,298,625+899,159+64%
8. FBML Tab Maker4,563,132+803,368+21%
9. Video Yeri1,080,473+789,159+271%
10. Daily Horoscope13,818,110+770,864+6%
11. My Tab3,930,387+761,368+24%
12. BranchOut2,533,616+742,366+41%
13. Phrases16,322,633+712,816+5%
14. Global Warfare2,296,964+711,738+45%
15.inFAMOUS Anarchy1,382,420+697,779+102%
16. Zoo World3,735,850+655,763+21%
17. Yahoo!15,776,243+640,609+4%
18.21 questions18,285,118+624,694+4%
19.Static Iframe Tab4,459,682+596,604+15%
20. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa11,415,114+493,048+5%

As mentioned, Zoosk grew 4.1 million MAU this week mostly in the US and even after charging for its services. Then Badoo grew by 1.2 million elsewhere, primarily Mexico, France and Italy. There were a pair of video apps, VEVO for Artists which grew by 1.2 million MAU and allows artists to feature their VEVO videos as a Page tab on their Pages and then Turkish video app Video Yeri with more than 1 million new MAU this week.

Page tab apps this week included: Static HTML: iframe tabs with 1.6 million MAU, FBML Tab Maker with 803,400 MAU, My Tab with 761,400 MAU, Static Iframe Tab with 596,600 MAU and HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa with 493,000 MAU.

The rest of the list counted a variety of apps.

60 Photos is an app that grew by an impressive 3.5 million MAU; the app induces virality by asking users to rate their Facebook friends’ photos as “nice” or “pass,” publishing all “nice” ratings to their friends’ Walls. Facebook for Every Phone from Snaptu grew by 899,200 MAU and basically provides a free download of a mobile Facebook app. Daily Horoscope allows users to receive daily horoscope Wall updates, growing by 770,900 MAU this week.

BranchOut’s app grew by 742,400 MAU mostly in the US, Phrases on the other hand is not available in the US, but still grew by 712,800 MAU. The Yahoo! app grew by 640,600 MAU. Finally, 21 questions grew by 624,700 MAU, tapping virality by asking users 25 questions about their friends, publishing a feed story to their Wall with each answer.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.