Zoosk Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

On our weekly growth leaderboard this week we have two dating applications battling it out, plus there are a few comeback stories to tell.

On our weekly growth leaderboard this week we have two dating applications battling it out, plus there are a few comeback stories to tell. Read on — and for more information, take a look at our detailed statistic tool used to compile these rankings.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. Zoosk2,246,77320,956,3265,232,150
2. Badoo2,450,15535,051,6361,895,159
3. Static HTML: iframe tabs1,858,66728,140,2521,637,321
4. Quotes6,32510,389,0451,381,667
5. myYearbook434,3762,461,6561,152,928
6. Phrases1,382,20216,157,2261,057,553
7. Daily Horoscope6,025,01513,801,8471,042,573
8. VEVO for Artists517,33410,563,479983,556
9. BranchOut219,5592,304,414897,708
10. Monster Galaxy677,24619,112,493879,529
11. My Tab283,6563,655,978774,039
12. Zoo World451,5733,452,586755,069
13. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa589,96911,230,066643,391
14. Global Warfare188,1641,978,525615,615
15. Pieces of Flair196,6204,548,360582,477
16. Video Yeri77,103572,489530,712
17. Army Attack652,5735,304,595510,237
18. 21 Questions1,463,79218,016,057413,364
19. Yahoo9,189,77015,372,352409,437
20. Quizical118,0903,144,963402,416


Zoosk slides safely into home this week topping our list, and takes the title of top socializing hot spot as it sees a 5,232,150 weekly growth increase. Badoo lets us know it doesn’t have intentions of straying too far though; the dating application grew by 1,895,159 social networkers.

Newcomer myYearbook picks up steam this week as pushes its way into the fifth spot. The budding social meet up’s 1,152,928 seven day growth total definitely makes it an application to keep an eye on in coming weeks.

The Page Creators

While it seems to have taken a few weeks off, Static HTML: iframe tabs finds its way back in the top 20 landing in the third position; the tool’s pages built and view total comes in at 1,637,321. For the social networking musician, Vevo For Artists still has a stronghold as the choice application for adding video content. This week the app takes a slight fall as it places eighth with a weekly growth total of 983,556.

Developers AF-Design are seeing great success with their page creation tool My Tab; the tab builder makes its first appearance on our countdown coming in 11th with a 774,039 increase. Finishing with a 643,391 growth total, Iwipa finds itself slipping to 13th this time around.


The relentless trend of question applications prospers once more but stands on less steady ground. Quotes finishes the week with 1,381,667 adds, but finds itself slipping to fourth place. I thought we saw the last of 21 Questions, but the once fastest growing app’s 413,364 new quiz takers has it lurking around the 18th spot.

Another newcomer, Quizical, takes the final spot on our countdown welcoming 402,416 curious minds.


Although it is still unavailable to users in the states, Phrases has a tremendous week, bouncing back onto the fastest growing list with a sixth place 1,057,553 finish.

We will call Daily Horoscope‘s disappearance last week a brief sabbatical. The longstanding contender in the top 20 has an impressive 1,042,573 comeback total as it nabs the seventh spot.


Networking tool BranchOut‘s 897,708 increase advances it six spots forward to ninth place. A fun app that has users sharing their interests with their social networking buddies in picture form, Pieces Of Flair, will call the 15th position home this week as it grows by 530,712 people.

Social networkers are making noise as 409,437 of them synched their accounts on Facebook with Yahoo to quickly share searched items and connect with their friends on both services.


Monster Galaxy cuts our countdown in half as 879,529 new gamers set out to save the world, but the app’s daily growth numbers do look alarming. It will be interesting to track its success or decline in the coming weeks.

RockYou’s Zoo World sees a 755,069 player increase as it rises eight spots to the 12th position. Global Warfare, developed by Kabam, makes its first appearance coming in 14th – a thank you is owed to 615,615 new users. Army Attack takes a big fall this time around as it comes in 17th with 510,237 adds.


We close this week with Video Yeri; the turkish video application’s 530,712 weekly growth position places it in the 16th spot.

Readers, did you find yourself hooked on any of these applications this week?