Zoosk, Badoo, TopFace, Onedate and more on the top 20 Facebook dating apps by MAU

Zoosk leads the list of top dating apps that integrate the Facebook platform with 14.6 million monthly active users, according to our AppData tracking service.

The canvas app, which bills itself as “the romantic social network,” has more than twice as many monthly active users as the next most popular dating, Are You Interested?. Zoosk has seen a steady increase in MAU since June, where as Are You Interested?BadooTopFaceCupid and some others have been trending downward since early August.

Well-known dating sites Match.com and eHarmony.com are lower down on the list, likely because users are hesitant to connect their dating profiles with their Facebook account.

Newer Facebook-focused dating apps such as Yoke, TheDatable and theComplete.me, which got coverage on several tech blogs earlier this year, don’t even crack the top 20 dating apps. theComplete.me is faring best with nearly 48,000 MAU. Yoke and TheDatable each have less than 1,500 MAU.

Name MAU
1.  Zoosk  14,600,000
2.  Are You Interested?  6,500,000
3.  Badoo  4,500,000
4.  TopFace  3,500,000
5.  Cupid  784,214
6.  Onedate  700,000
7.  Skout  650,000
8.  GirlsDateForFree  530,000
9.  Match.com  420,000
10.  Best Match  320,000
11.  Omegle  310,000
12.  ❤ SpeedDate App  140,000
13.  BeNaughty  130,000
14.  eHarmony.com  120,000
15.  Hook Up Friends  100,000
16.  Twoo  100,000
17.  ClickAndFlirt  90,000
18.  Incontra gente  90,000
19.  Flirt  70,000
20.  誰對我感興趣  70,000

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.

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