Zoo World 2, The Pokerist Club, Battle Pirates Lead This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

Zoo World 2 (here shown as Zoo World) climbs to the top of this week’s list of fastest-growing games by daily active users as RockYou continues to expand on its ad platform. RockYou’s newest game from developer Loot Drop, Cloudforest Expedition, is now set to release in late summer.

Moving on down the list, we see a healthy mix of casino or pub-type games like The Pokerist Club and Pool Tour Live. Casino darlings Slotomania and DoubleDown Casino make the cut, too, as both games appear to be enjoying steady growth patterns that extend to monthly active users. Mynet Çanak Okey and Poker Star make appearances as well.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1.  Zoo World943,523+409,825+77%
2.  The Pokerist club — Texas Poker156,294+63,015+68%
3.  Battle Pirates177,825+45,487+34%
4.  Pool Live Tour360,075+37,352+12%
5.  Galaxía Online II, Mejor Juego de Ciencia Ficción79,507+37,201+88%
6.  Slotomania – Slot Machines1,002,317+36,691+4%
7.  Little Cave Hero39,286+30,825+364%
8.  Miscrits: World of Adventure234,514+29,719+15%
9.  DoubleDown Casino552,513+28,873+6%
10.  Megacity61,649+21,586+54%
11.  Galaksi Online II Türkçe: En İyi Bilim Kurgu Oyunu25,392+19,961+368%
12.  Mynet Çanak Okey582,600+17,959+3%
13.  Doomsday Defense: Towers vs Monsters, PvE, PvP28,628+17,840+165%
14.  GodsWar – Best 3D MMORPG Browser Game ★★★★★67,863+16,953+33%
15. The Sims Social48,863+16,878+53%
16. المزرعة السعيدة97,868+16,339+20%
17.  星際文明 免費策略星海爭霸網頁遊戲 發展,擴張,掠奪,謀略,艦船DIY,挑戰你的IQ ★★★★★24,484+13,512+123%
18.  Buddy Rush48,739+12,385+34%
19.  Poker Star22,094+12,244+124%
20.  Megaband14,216+11,612+446%

Battle Pirates as a real time strategy game from Backyard Monsters developer Kixeye (formerly Casual Collective). Players build up a naval base on a small island, eventually constructing fleets of warships to send out to sea in combat against other players and a non-playable enemy faction. In combat, players can allow the computer to control their units or manage individual units’ attack trajectories by clicking single ships and then clicking a place on the combat map to send it. In player versus player combat, two people can fight against one another or the computer will step in to play for offline players.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.