Zombies Weren’t Passe in the 1940s: Support FUBAR Comics

We’re fast approaching the point of complete zombie media saturation but, when a fun enough idea featuring the walking dead comes along, I suppose it evidences that there’s still a bit of mileage left in the genre. FUBAR, an anthology of zombie comics set within the framework of the latter half of World War II, definitely warrants attention despite the fact that, at first glance, it may appear to be just another entry in an already heavily saturated form of entertainment.

In another version of our own world, a massive outbreak struck the global population shortly before the Allied forces’ D-Day invasion, vastly changing the shape of the war by infecting soldiers and civilians, transforming them into brain-hungry zombies. The first FUBAR collection (FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned) centered on WWII’s European actions and saw a number of fantastic artists and writers crafting outlandish tales of living corpses and warfare. The upcoming new project, FUBAR 2: Empire of the Sun, shifts its focus to the Pacific theater, bringing the zombie threat to, primarily, the Japanese and American military.

FUBAR 2 is, once again, an anthology curated and edited by Jeff McComsey, the freelance illustrator and editor that first conceived of mashing up the horrors of a shambling, undead menace with global war. McComsey began working on the FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned as a sidelined concept but, before long, the project had — like every zombie outbreak — spread out of control. Only, instead of leading to a horrendous apocalypse (humans are the real monsters), McComsey and the rest of the FUBAR creators gave the public something to enjoy rather than fear.

The project has drawn the attention of a number of talented folk from the indie comics world. More than just an interesting and irreverent take on familiar subject matter, FUBAR 2 gives those who support indie artists a great reason to toss a bit of money their way while also helping to achieve something tangible in the process.

If FUBAR 2 sounds like something that you could get behind then maybe you’d like to hear about its Kickstarter drive, hmm? McComsey et al are soliciting donations in order to get their collection in as many hands as possible. Pledges will go toward making a larger print run of the comic possible. Even though the creative part of the project is completely finished, FUBAR 2 still needs love to be properly printed and distributed.

There are many great rewards available to pledgers. The FUBAR 2 crew has created a plethora of original swag, allowing fans of the project to contribute while also grabbing cool stuff like t-shirts, shooting-range targets, custom-designed sketches, an illustrated “thank-you” in the final print of the anthology, copies of both books and much more.

If you’re still on the fence try checking out previews of the FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned and/or FUBAR 2: Empire of the Sun through their WordPress blogs (linked above) to get a taste of the anthology’s style and additional background information on the project. FUBAR 2: Empire of the Sun will be funded on Friday, September 9th at 11.28am EST. It’s already just passed its initial, $3,000 goal but all extra money will go toward worthwhile endeavours like extending print runs and attending comic conventions.