Zoho Mobile Docs Web Apps Improved – Still Prefer Google Docs Mobile

Zoho is a web office suite that, arguably, has a much richer set of features that Google Docs. That said, after using a variety of Zoho web apps for a couple of months back in in 2008, I switched back permanently to Google Docs. However, as I said, Zoho does provide a feature rich set of tools. So, from time-to-time I check back to see what they have been doing. Their latest tweak is to Zoho Mobile…

Zoho Mobile Updated with Zoho Docs, new features

Word of warning: Zoho’s blog annoucement talks about a “Zoho Docs Application”. They say “This app is available for iPhone and Android devices.” However, don’t be confused by Zoho’s “news-speak”. There is no “app” in the sense of something to download and install for the iPhone or Android phone. This is the way they (incorrectly) refer to their web apps. If you search iTunes or Android Market, you won’t find any Zoho apps.

Zoho has had a decent mobile story to tell by using their…


…mobile friendly site. Their “app” story is an improvement to this site. Unfortunately, you can’t edit Zoho text or spreadsheet documents. This is a view-only story. Google Docs mobile web page lets you edit spreadsheets (in a fashion) but not text documents. Google Docs document files also seem to load and render faster than Zoho.

I’m looking forward to seeing Zoho offer full mobile editing through their web apps. Perhaps in the iPad timeframe? We’ll see.