Zite Arrives on Google Glass

CEO bets on growth of wearable computing

Time to read the latest headlines, or have them read to you, on your glasses. Zite, the CNN-owned news aggregation app, has arrived on Google Glass.

The company's Glass app, which launches today, updates once an hour and allows users to drill down into their top 10 stories, said Zite CEO Mark Johnson. Glass can even read Zite stories aloud, or users can view them on the publication's website or have them sent to their email account.

"I'm making a bet that this is the future, and that a lot of people are going to be reading headlines on here and doing other things on their Glass, and on their watches and other wearables. And I want to be on the forefront of that," Johnson said.

Eventually, Johnson said, Zite plans to roll out notifications on the Glass app, personalized to users' preferences for news alerts. Indeed, Zite is built around personalization: users can follow topics and vote up or down on individual articles to create a more custom reading experience. 

CNN also has a Glass app, and the company is supportive of Zite's initiative, Johnson said. And if Zite figures out how to improve personalized news alerts, CNN could eventually integrate that technology, he added.