Ziploop offers receipt, coupon and reward storage on iOS

Image via Ziploop

Mobile tech start-up Ziploop has released its shopping app of the same name on iOS devices. The Ziploop shopping app looks to make shopping a “paperless” world for consumers, allowing them to store their receipts, coupons and reward information on their phones and access them at home or on the go.

Ziploop allows users to snap photos of their receipts, with the information automatically being sorted and stored in the app based on store name, date or location of purchase, and even amount spent. This should be useful Image via Ziploop when traveling, as business expenses can be instantly added to the application, so users won’t have to worry if they lose receipts in transit.

The app also allows users to access coupons and store rewards by taking photos of those coupons, certificates, and more. The app then keeps track of expiring rewards, and their values, and will alert users when an opportunity is about to expire. In the case of coupons, and other paper products with barcodes, the app will transform those barcodes into versions that can be scanned by cashiers, rather than relying on images that might be too grainy to accurately scan.

Ziploop shares some similarities to other mobile shopping apps. For instance, Key Ring and Shopkick both aggregate in-store rewards and give users access to those rewards on their phones, but Ziploop adds in the receipt storing features for further functionality.

“[Ziploop] is changing the way we think about paper, practically making the contents of your mobile phone more valuable than the contents of your wallet,” says Ziploop CEO Peter Jackson. “It’s the beginning of a shift from paper to digital and Ziploop is leading the way.”

Ziploop is now available to download for free on iOS devices. Check back soon to track the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.