Zinio-Commissioned Survey Confirms Consumers Like Zinio

Zinio.jpgEvery month, without fail, a digital subscription to Penthouse is delivered to our email address. We have no idea why. Presumably it’s for the articles.

Dutiful media reporters that we are, we solider through every issue, despite the fact that we find reading said articles beyond annoying. The interface is cumbersome and the loading slow. We have trouble zooming to the part of the page we want. If this is the future of magazines, we’d rather have our iPhone.

We are, apparently, in the minority. According to a survey released by The Harrison Group — commissioned by Zinio to investigate consumer opinion — 80 percent of users are “very or extremely satisfied” with their experience.

The details are here (delivered on Zinio, of course), or jump for highlights.

The study also shows that the majority (80 percent) of readers are very or extremely satisfied with their digital reading experience. One half (50 percent) of the survey respondents have referred Zinio digital magazine publication titles to a friend or family member … Finally, and most intriguing to advertisers, is that Zinio offers readers the ability to engage, on demand, with advertisers. More than three-quarters (84 percent) said that digital ads were more beneficial due to the ability to click-through. More than half (59 percent) found ads easier to engage with digitally, while close to half (44 percent) found ads on screen more visually appealing, and 37 percent said they are more likely to read an ad in digital format more than print.