ZING! Cillizza & Milbank: Backhanded & Rebranded

WaPo’s Chris Cillizza zinging TWT’s Jeff Birnbaum

FishbowlDC told you earlier this week about the debut of WaPo’s “Political Theater,” a new video series hosted by funnymen Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza. While anxiously awaiting the series debut, it dawned on us that the tag “Political Theater” had already been snagged by The Washington Times for Joe Curl’s well-read column.

FishbowlDC spoke with TWT’s Jeff Birnbaum who said:

“Although we are flattered by the imitation, Milbank and Cillizza are certainly creative enough to come up with an original name for their video series. We certainly hope that they will.”

Well, it seems that Milbank and Cillizza went back to the drawing board because the series debuted today under the title “Mouthpiece Theater.” The dynamic duo addressed the name game and their former WaPo colleague in today’s video saying, “we didn’t know about the column, because we don’t know anyone that actually reads The Washington Times.” ZING!!!

Check out Cillizza and Milbank’s “Mouthpiece Theater” here.

UPDATE: TWT’s Jeff Birnbaum just buzzed FishbowlDC to express his undying appreciation for Cillizza and Milbank’s creativity. Here’s what he told us:

“I knew Milbank and Cillizza were clever enough to come up with something creative and original — I’m really proud of them. I’m also very flattered by their apparent moustache-envy but would encourage them to grow real ones — I think they would both look great!”

He also offered some advice for the two pranksters:

“I would encourage them both to continue reading The Washington Times to avoid any embarrassment in the future.”