Zilta’s Simpler Home Screen for Seniors simplifies mobile technology for older users

Image via Zilta

Helping to simplify the world of mobile technology for seniors is Zilta, the mobile startup behind Simpler Home Screen for Seniors. Released earlier this year, the Simpler Home Screen for Seniors experience changes the menus and icons on Android devices, taking into account the needs of older users. Since launching five months ago, the app has been downloaded in over 163 countries, confirming the desire of seniors to engage with modern smartphones and tablets, but in a simplified way. The app provides larger icons, easier-to-read text and simplified menu layouts to improve the overall user experience, while still retaining the tools that make smartphones so fun to use (like the web browser, music player and more). “We started building Zilta for the needs of our own 90 year old grandparents, but we were surprised at how popular the application has become internationally” said Lari Numminen, Co-Founder of Zilta, in a company statement. “While our first application is initially only available in English, we can see that the technological needs of older people extend across all cultures and countries from Albania to Zambia. We intend to help millions of people of all ages share with their loved ones through their mobile devices.” Though self-funded since launching in June 2013, Zilta is now on an active search for investors to help expand its development of these senior-focused mobile tools. The Simpler Home Screen for Seniors app is now available to download for free on Google Play.