Zeutschel Zeta Book Scanner On Display At CeBIT

Zeutschel unveiled its latest scanner at CeBIT this week. The Zeta is a new design that is intended to be used by the unskilled. Ideally, this scanner would be placed in a reading room at a library where anyone could use it.

The actual scanner is in the hood over the book, which makes it easier for a user to position the book than if it were face down. There’s a screen to the right of the scanner, and you can use the screen to make sure that a book is positioned correctly before starting the scan.

The Zeta comes equipped with a USB port, and it can also be connected to a LAN network. The scanner menus has a user friendly design, and it has several software features designed to compensate for user error. It can correct for a book placed at a skewed angle, and it can also crop fingers from a scan. The Zeta will also compensate for the curve of a page of an open book.

It should be available in the latter half of 2011, and a price has not been set.

Zeutschel via golem.de