Zen’s Qi Wireless Charger Turns Your Car’s Cup Holder Into A Phone Charger

wireless chargerMore often than not, you’re using your car’s cup holder as a phone holder. Unfortunately, if you’re in need of charging your phone, it doesn’t work as well, if at all, sitting in your cup holder, telling you navigation changes and the weather. Charging a phone, and using a phone, while driving, is a technological problems, but this wireless charger from Zen takes us one step closer.

The nice thing about the design of the Qi Wireless Charger is the fact that it is shaped like a cup. This makes it work for most cars I’ve ever been in – I will admit a few cars had poorly designed cup holders, but we can’t help you with that. If you’re using your cup holder to keep spare change, you might want to reconsider.

The second nice thing about the wireless charger is the elimination of wires. Cars and smartphones are  symbols of modern efficiency, mobility and transportation. Wires are not.

That said, if we can get this Qi charger for under $40, it will be more useful:

Designed for quick and intuitive charging, this Qi-enabled cup holder allows you to charge any compatible smartphone without the annoyance of tangled cables. The ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger sits in your car’s cup holder and is powered by the vehicle power (cigarette) charger (supplied in the box). Simply place your smartphone in the slot and it will start charging wirelessly.

wireless charger

Via Gizmodo