Zeke Miller Heads to the Cayman Islands

Zeke Miller, formerly of BuzzFeed, has landed — at TIME Magazine, as first reported by the indefatigable Mike Allen this morning in Politico Playbook.

“I’m honored to be joining the amazing team at TIME to cover politics,” Miller told FishbowlDC. “I’ve been reading the magazine since I was a kid, so it’s especially exciting to join.”

In recent weeks, Miller has been conducting a relatively quiet job search for reasons that are still unclear. Was BuzzFeed no longer a good fit? Time to move on? Whatever it was, he burned no bridges as BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith bid him a fond farewell. He checked in with Politico about a job prospect — apparently Smith’s old stomping grounds weren’t a good fit either.

Now happily employed with TIME, Miller is fleeing to the Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean Sea for three days for a little R & R. He was allegedly taking R & R in the past week, but couldn’t stop himself from tweeting, resorting to “vacation tweet” prefaces. “I’m touring the offshore banks we heard so much about last year,” he explained. “But actually just trying to get some R&R.”

Enjoy. And congratulations.

See the internal memo from TIME

TO: TIME Staff
FROM: Rick Stengel
I am pleased to announce that Zeke Miller is joining TIME’s Washington Bureau as a political reporter. He’ll be writing for TIME.com and Swampland, as well as producing stories for the magazine. He did terrific work for Buzzfeed during the 2012 election, breaking news and driving the daily political conversation online, while visiting more than 30 states and spending 200 days on the road with the Republican and Democratic tickets. After the election, Zeke became the website’s first White House Correspondent.
Born in Queens and raised in Lawrence, New York, Zeke holds a degree in political science from Yale, where he was a reporter and editor at the Yale Daily News. He later worked as a reporter for Business Insider, where he covered the intersection of fiscal issues and politics. He has also written for Newsday, the Hartford Courant, and the New Haven Independent. Zeke tweets at @ZekeJMiller.