zBoost METRO Cell Signal Enchancer: Too Good to be True or Simply Good?

You’ve probably heard the saying: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not true. Generally speaking, that would have been my impression (without trying it) of the $299 zBoost METRO which claims to enhance GSM and CDMA voice cell signals as well as various 3G wireless data protocols.

That would have been the end of my interest in the device except for the fact that my former editor and trusted source of good gadget information, Derrick Story, wrote this in his blog:

zBoost Metro Eliminated My iPhone Dropped Calls

According to Derrick, installing the zBoost METRO take a little bit of detective work determining where the best cell signal is available, placing the antenna in that spot, and running a coax cable from the antenna’s location to zBoost METRO’s base unit. So, what’s his overall impression after completing the installation? Here’s what Derrick wrote as his conclusion: You could not pry the zBoost Metro out of my hands. It has brought my cell phone back to life so I can use it with confidence in my studio.

FYI: While zBoost METRO’s list price is $299.99, Derrick notes that he bought it from Amazon.com for $199.99.