Zazzle "Hawaiian" iPad/iPhone Cases Don't Look "Hawaiian" to Me (I live in Hawaii)

I received a press release the other day announcing:

Zazzle Hawaiian-themed protective cases for the iPhone and iPad

You can see some of the designs in the screenshot on the left. First, let me say that these are nice looking designs that I’m sure will appeal to a lot of people. However, as someone who spent most of my life in Hawaii and currently lives in Hawaii, these designs do not look like contemporary designs I see around here. At best, they are reminiscent of the bright primary colors found in clothing here during the mid-20th century and, perhaps, the Magnum P.I. TV show from the 1980s.

Then, there’s the name of one series of designs:

Iniki Point Hibiscus

The Yellow Hibiscus is Hawaii’s State Flower. As for “Iniki”? It means “strong and piercing wind” and was the name of one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes ever to make landfall in the State of Hawaii. In 1992 its destructive path left nearly 2 billion dollars worth of damage, 6 deaths, destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and left some without power for days to weeks. I’m sure the name won’t bother many people (it doesn’t bother me). But, it is an odd name choice for a flower power design in my opinion.

My recommendation to Zazzle? You might want to visit Hawaii, look around, and confer with local designers before launching your next line of “Hawaiian” designs.

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