Anatomy of a Zayn Malik PR Score

Andrea Russett for the quadruple win.

SocialRankLogoThere’s an interesting example of social media PR cited in James Covert’s New York Post article about music “superfans.” It highlights the power of people with the necessary follower count. In this case:

Step 1

Aaro Entertainment, the promoters of Zayn Malik, used New York-based app SocialRank to identify some of his superfans.

Step 2

They then sent off a Malik T-shirt to one of those fans.

Step 3

The superfan in question, Andrea Russett, posted the following photo on her Instagram account.


Russett went on to share three more photos on Instagram of her wearing the T-shirt.

Another equally clever PR campaign leveraging SocialRank involves sending stilettos of the kind featured in Fergie’s “M.I.L.F.$” music video to moms. Good anecdotal info also in the Covert piece from Wynter Mitchell, who manages social media outreach for comedian Margaret Cho.