ZapTXT is a Handy RSS Reader

I must admit I got sidetracked while reading the FAQs and About pages ZAPText. The free web service is so rich in features that you’ll get lost somewhere in trying to deduce what they are really offering us social network/web 2.0 fans. From their own words:

ZapTXT is a free service that lets you monitor one or many RSS or Atom feeds for a set of keywords that interest you. We will monitor the feeds for you, and send you a notification whenever one of your feeds matches your criteria. You can choose to receive these notices via: email, mobile devices and IMs.

With that description it is pretty much obvious that ZapTXT allows you to monitor newspapers, blogs, classifieds, jobs, events and millions of web sites with RSS. To do this, ZapTXT creates a ZapTask which is an agent that monitors web sites that you specified such that when a new posts pass your criteria, ZapTask will send an alert to the media which you indicated, i.e. email, SMS, or IM.

So, in plain simple words, ZapTXT is a pro-active RSS reader delivered to a form which you identified. But that’s just being useful to users. ZapTxt is also useful for publishers. By adding the ZapTXT widget to your site, your readers can be notified when you post a topic that interest them.

In addition, ZapTxt is also useful for enterprise users because of its filtering and notification system that can be used to track and discover business prospects as well as to react to critical events in the enterprise.

To know more about ZapTxt check the FAQ and About page of ZapTxt.