Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard offers free collaboration tools on iPad

Image via Zamurai

Zamurai has announced the official launch of its mobile whiteboard solution, Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard. The app allows professionals to coordinate with others in the same room or around the world to create and document ideas in real-time.

The Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard originally launched as a paid app earlier this year, but has been updated for iOS 7, with a price drop to free. Some features, including access to unlimited whiteboards and an image library manager, are locked behind in-app purchases, but the app’s “Full Essentials Pack” unlocks everything for $6.99.

Image via Zamurai

Each new whiteboard within the app offers infinite space, with zoom capabilities that allow users to zoom in or out to see an entire project. Users can draw lines or sketches using a variety of colors, and can customize their drawings with line thickness and other options.

A standard text entry button allows for the addition of traditional text, with the expected customization options in place, like changing font size or color, bolded font and text alignment.

In addition to drawing and text tools, the app also provides an icon library of sketch images, as well as 2D and 3D icons including clouds, people, and pictures of electronics or documents and emails (as examples). An in-app purchase (or the Full Essentials Pack) unlocks the ability to add one’s own images from the iPad’s library for more customized whiteboards.

Image via Zamurai

The Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard app allows whiteboards to be mirrored onto monitors or projected using Apple TV. Users can make whiteboards open to edits so that teammates can open the same document and add their own ideas. Finally, users can share PDF or JPG versions of these files with their coworkers after a meeting has ended, keeping everyone in the loop.

“We created the Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard to replace an outmoded relic of business communication – physical whiteboards – that made it impossible to collaborate with people who weren’t in the room or to keep working on an idea after the meeting ended,” said Michael Parker, President & Co-Founder or Zamurai, in a company release. “Zamurai reimagines the whiteboard as more than a sketch tool. It’s a visual collaboration platform for sharing, saving and improving ideas. And that drives sales and makes meetings more productive.”

Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard is now available to download for free on iPad. Check back soon to follow Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.