Zample raises $2 million in funding for media recognition service


Zample has announced the launch of its new technology, offering cloud-based media recognition services to mobile apps. Zample’s technology was designed to automatically identify brands from live TV, and from apps which feature image or media feeds like Twitter, with the goal of improving the overall advertising experience.

Instead of advertising to users based on individual targeting, the Zample technology allows advertisements to be tied to the brands already present in today’s media. By utilizing the company’s daily analytics, developers can track the brands, media and advertising their consumers are exposed to, and create new monetization opportunities in the process.

“Yesterday, advertisers relied on targeting based on what site you hit, or maybe an image tag, or some demographic profile as a best guess,” said Zample CMO Shawn Patrick. “Today we are announcing a service that we think will change everything, by detecting what is present in media and mapping that to opportunity, as a service.”

The Zample technology is available as a free audio SDK for iOS and Android developers and offers automatic detection across more than 100 TV channels. Zample’s image recognition SDK is available for both mobile and web developers.

In addition to this reveal, Zample has announced it has raised $2 million in funding from private investors in Silicon Valley.

“We believe the real promise of content recognition is about to be realized,” Patrick added. “Users don’t want to be offered things that don’t make any sense to them, and advertisers want to reach an audience that is receptive to their message. Zample is the solution.”

More information on Zample’s technology and SDKs is available on the company’s website.