Zaha Hadid Becomes Art Collectors’ Best Friend


So how does Zaha Hadid afford to be everywhere at once, working on a billion different projects every year, including, most recently, Chanel’s Mobile Art project pod? Well, clearly, she’s utilizing futuristic cloning technology to create a million different Zahas. “But isn’t that expensive?” you’re collectively asking right now. To which we answer that yes, of course it is, but according to this piece in Bloomberg, “Designer Collectors Snap Up Furniture by Hadid and Adjaye,” her collection of home stuffs, as well as by fellow starchitect David Adjaye, have started to become the new art in the collector’s world. Here’s a bit:

Wealthy collectors who might have become reluctant to buy a Damien Hirst or Andy Warhol work are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on design classics of the future, according to London dealers who specialize in limited-edition furniture.

“There’s a community that’s trying to turn design products into hot art,” Philippe Garner, international head of Christie’s International‘s 20th Century Design Department, said in an interview. “It’s a situation that raises a lot of questions.”

Exactly! Like, what you do with this stuff when you buy it? As we’ve said before, unless you live in a spaceship, where exactly are you putting those shiny, bubbly Hadid chairs you just spent a million bucks on? But then again, if you’re that wealthy, maybe you can just buy a Zaha clone and ask her to figure it out.