Zac Posen Chosen as Target’s Next Big Name Designer


Staying with fashion a bit longer, the trend to hire big name designers for short runs of clothing and furniture is nothing new at this point. And it’s certainly no longer a novelty at Target, who we’ve seen recently rolling out products crafted by the likes of Thakoon Panichguls and Studio Dror, and who, at the beginning of the economic collapse said their strategy would be continue to hire top names until the end of time. So here they are with their latest big star pickup: Zac Posen, the famous young designer and enjoyer of butterscotch wafers. We most recently spotted Posen and his work at Bergdorf’s this past September during the annual Fashion’s Night Out, showing off some hand painted dresses. No idea if that’s a sign of things to come at Target or if he’ll move in the far more muted direction he showed in the sort of trial run he had selling at Targets only in Australia last year. Here’s a bit:

Posen will collaborate with Target for its Go International collection. Posen did a line for Target Australia last year, which included a recreated dress worn by Katherine Heigl to the Emmy Awards. The new collection will have pieces that fall anywhere from $14.99 to $149.99.

The announcement comes after Posen revealed he’d also be teaming up with Saks Fifth Avenue for a Z Spoke line, which includes $78 t-shirts and $675 dresses.