TradeNations Surpasses 200 Million Game Sessions in Four Months

TradeNations, a Medieval sim game, is one of those sleeper hits. It’s not a game that gets a disproportionate amount of media coverage from the mainstream tech press like Angry Birds.

But it’s a lucrative title that is consistently within the app store’s Top 50 highest-grossing list.

Z2Live, a Seattle-based studio, said that the game has passed 200 million game sessions, four months after it launched. The parentage of the game is slightly in dispute. Z2Live said it created the game with the hired help of another Canadian studio Bight Games from Prince Edward Island. Bight says that Z2Live is the publisher and that it owns the intellectual property behind the game.

Z2Live did not want to reveal daily or monthly actives. But if you take that number and divide it by the number of days the game has been out, it suggests the game has seen nearly 1.7 million sessions per day on average. That calculation doesn’t account for growth either, so it likely underestimates the game’s current sessions per day.

In our review when it first came out last fall, we called it “a medieval city-builder that feels somewhat reminiscent of Ubisoft’s Castle & Co.”

In the game, players create virtual Medieval or Renaissance-era towns and economies. They can harvest resources and trade them with other friends’ villages.

They can assign their virtual villagers to one of 14 different types of jobs and gradually accumulate wealth to the point where they can add 60 types of buildings or decorations. It monetizes through a virtual currency called magic beans, which sells in packs worth anywhere from $0.99 to $99.99.

Flurry, a pay-per-install network and one of the largest mobile analytics companies, said the title is played 35 percent longer and 25 times more often per week than all of the other iOS apps it tracks.