Z2Live’s Major MetalStorm Update Brings Flight Combat Game Back Up The Charts

Back in May, we wrote about MetalStorm from Seattle-based developer Z2Live. The free-to-play flight combat game had really taken off, landing in the top 10 free apps for both iPhone and iPad, and in the top 20 grossing overall. This was despite criticism surrounding its lack of single-player content. Now five months later, Z2Live has addressed that issue while adding a wealth of other content in the re-titled MetalStorm: Wingman.

In this 4.0 version of the app, which has already climbed back into the top 50 free and grossing charts for all iOS devices since the October 12 update, players have access to a complete single-player campaign. In it, they take on the role of a Royal Air Force pilot participating in missions that incorporate other newly introduced features such as attacks on ground and sea forces.

Z2Live has also ratcheted up the social focus of the game, allowing players to choose a Game Center friend to accompany them on missions as a wingman. Also, if players are chosen by their Game Center friends, they’ll receive bonus Credits (the game’s soft currency) even when offline.

Players still earn Credits while playing solo, of course, and the game is still monetized through in-app purchases of Coins, available in packs from $0.99 to $49.99. The game’s level cap has been bumped up to 40, along with the inclusion of a new Gatling cannon that sports an experience point multiplier.

On the multiplayer front, Z2Live has worked in two new Versus mode arenas based on version 4.0’s new nautical locations: Open Sea and Port Crescent. Opponent AI in the Survival mode has been improved and there are more than a dozen new Game Center achievements for players to earn.

With Apple’s recent iOS 5 update, the game now supports cross-device save data and AirPlay mirroring to Apple TV, which lets players stream their gameplay to their televisions wirelessly and in HD. This is the perfect way to check out the game’s revamped heads-up display, target tracking camera and generally improved polish.

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